The Meltron HighBay Lighting System (MHB) is designed specifically for high industrial spaces, where maintenance is time-consuming and costly. MHB’s high-power LEDs with metal core PCBs, graphite interface materials, and spring- loaded contacts to extruded aluminium, offer superior lifetime and cooling, compared to luminaires using mid-power LED technology, and standard PCBs screwed onto cast enclosures. The MHB driver unit drives four individually controllable LED loads well below maximum allowed currents, adding significantly to the LED lifetime.

The driver and each light-source unit feature their own gore vent, keeping the ingress protection intact over time. With superior cooling, conservative driving, and optical modules free from dust, the luminaire is expected to exhibit significantly slower lumen depreciation than most its competitors.

Compared to high pressure sodium lamps, the MHB system can deliver high quality white light with a minimum CRI of 70. Color rendering over CRI 90 is also available for industries where the best lighting quality is required.

The Meltron HighBay Lighting System consists of a strong, durable, and lightweight aluminium enclosure offering various configuration options in addition to the standard models. Mounting options can also be delivered to customer requirements. The driver is
placed outside the luminaire body for easy replacement, and can also be installed up to 15m away from the luminaire, when easier access to driver is needed, or when the installation space is limited.

With its diffractive optics (DO) light source units, modular enclosure system and 4-channel driving, the luminous distribution of the luminaire can be modified for best fit to almost any room height and required illumination level.

The MHB driver is a robust design with superior thermal properties, keeping components critical to driver lifetime well below risk temperatures. As opposed to complex computer-configurable designs, Meltron drivers are based on basic electronics with high reliability.

The driver is PWM-dimmable, allowing it to be easily controlled with 3rd party wireless systems. PWM dimming input also offers an intelligible interface for emerging smart control and building automation systems suppliers

Technical Specifications

Modular EX LED Lighting System

Se more of highbay LED

  • Light Source: All Meltron lighting systems utilize the highest quality LED components from the most reputable global manufacturers
  • Colour Temperature: 4000 K. Available between 2700 – 6500 K
  • Light distribution: Dynamic luminous distribution using narrow & wide diffractive nano- optic modules
  • Operating voltage: 220-240 V AC, 50/60Hz (110-120 V AC available)
  • Enclosure material: Polycarbonate (PC)
  • Operating temperature: -40°C – +60°C (Driver placement must be checked when installing in environments where ambient temperatures exceed +40oC)
  • Sealing class: Ingress protection IP44, with IP65 for driver, and IP67 for light source modules and head unit connections
  • Energy Efficiency: Nominal 120 lm/W
  • Luminous Flux: Up to 20klm for standard models, 40klm for dual models.
  • Power Factor: >0.99 at 230 V AC, and Pin = 160 W
  • Power: up to 160W for standard models, up to 320 W for dual models.
  • Quick and easy to install: Adjustable distance between anchorage points
  • Estimated life-time: 75,000h in normal operating conditions at +25ºC
  • Warranty: 7 years (extension negotiable)
  • Designed Luminaire life: Minimum 15 years (LED > 100kh)