Meltron has been involved in the lighting business for the past  30 years and has almost 20 years of comprehensive experience in the industrial interdisciplinary R&D of LED lighting.  This experience incorporates nano-scale Diffractive Optics (DO), selection of hybrid materials with optimised thermodynamics, and the selection of the best quality components in electronics.

Directing light precisely where you need it!

Traditional light sources often emit light in all directions, and use inefficient reflectors to distribute the light. This results in uneven pools of light in the space being lit, while at the same time, by distributing light in the wrong direction, causing severe light pollution, as well as wasting significant amounts of energy.

LEDs produce directional light at a wide angle, and  Meltron Property Lighting System controls this light output by using the most advanced optics and lens technology, which distributes light extremely efficiently. This means that fewer luminaries are required for a spesific space, while at the same time, energy consumption is significantly reduced.

The most advanced thermal management, and low drive currents form the solid base for higher efficacies and longer lifetimes.

Meltron’s audited Quality Control System, along with the selection of the best quality components from the most reliable manufacturers, guarantees superior quality throughout Meltron’s range of LED lighting systems.

Long life cycle with less energy!

Meltron’s lighting lasts far longer, 75,000 hours or more, compared to traditional light sources.

Meltron’s lighting systems works extremely well without mechanical or electrical failures, in hot or cold environments worldwide.

LEDs are 100% recyclable.