K-Supermarket Kamppi, Helsinki, all lighting throughout the store

Lighting project implementation period:


Products and solutions:

Meltron KV1490/4000K Property Lighting Fixtures, Meltron LED Spot 26, and Meltron LED Lighting Profiles for product shelves and signage.

Why did you opt for LED lighting technology instead of traditional lighting solutions?

We opted for LED lighting, for its long operational lifetime, and the significant energy savings that it offers.

Why did you opt for Meltron’s lighting solutions?

Meltron impressed us with its comprehensive know-how with LED lighting technology, and its ability to meet our store lighting requirements.

How has the entire experience been going with LED lighting since installation?

The lighting has been completely maintenance-free, light levels have remained reliable and constant, and we have achieved significant savings in power consumption. Meltron’s  LED lighting has been completely trouble-free.

Would you recommend Meltron’s Property Lighting to others?

We have been pleased with the service that Meltron has offered, and they have kept their promises in terms of agreed issues, I have already recommended Meltron to my colleagues.