Särkiniementie 11, car park

Lighting project implementation period


Products and solutions

Meltron KV1200, and KV1490 4000K Property Lighting Fixtures

Why did you opt for LED lighting technology instead of traditional lighting solutions?

We chose LED technology, after calculating service costs, which confirmed that Meltron’s LED lighting solutions would achieve significant annual savings.

Why did you opt for Meltron’s lighting solutions?

At the time we implemented the project, there were no other reliable LED lighting manufacturing companies available.

How has the entire experience been going with LED lighting since installation?

The whole experience has been very good, and we have had no problems at all. We have been particularly pleased with the price of the luminaries, as well as their high quality and design. In addition the car park lighting levels have improved significantly compared to the old fluorescent lamps.

Would you recommend Meltron’s Property Lighting to others?


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