Haapaniemenkatu 12; general lighting for residential block in central Helsinki

Implementation period


Products and solutions

Replacement of fluorescent lighting and incandescent bulbs in stairwells, hallways, corridors and all other common spaces in the residential block. All lighting was replaced with Meltron Property Lighting luminaries, and the Meltron Replacement Kit, which was installed in the property’s suspended ceilings. A motion detection system was fitted throughout.

Why did you decide to use LED technology instead of traditional lighting solutions?

The main reasons for our decision were the fact that the proposed solutions were maintenance-free and that they offered significant energy savings. It was also very important to improve the overall lighting conditions, especially in the stairwells. Meltron’s solutions ensured that this was achieved to our complete satisfaction.

Why did you opt for Meltron’s lighting solutions?

Meltron was selected on the basis of price and quality, through a competitive bidding process.

What have been the key benefits of LED lighting since installation?

Feedback from residents tells us that safety and comfort has improved significantly. Additionally, maintenance work has eased considerably, now that it is no longer necessary to replace burnt out tubes or bulbs.

Would you recommend Meltron’s Property Lighting to others?