Project rental accommodation, Sturenkatu 27; lighting for accommodation spaces.

Implementation period


Products and solutions

Special-length Meltron KV2400/4000K Property Lighting with white casing, Meltron KV910/4000K Property Lighting with white casing, and Meltron UKL-sq recessed downlights.

Why did you decide to use LED technology instead of traditional lighting solutions?

After looking at the various options open to us, we decided to embrace LED technology, as it offers energy savings, long life, environmentally friendliness, its visual appearance and because it provides provides uniform light distribution.

Why did you opt for Meltron’s lighting solutions?

We appreciated the company’s domestic origin and its innovative products, as well as the fact that we were able to order tailor-made solutions for our specific needs. The company was also able to respond to the request for fast delivery, which ensured that the entire construction project stayed on schedule.

What have been the key benefits of LED lighting since installation?

Our electricity bills have been lower than expected, and the lighting is worked properly with the exception of a single electronic ballast. Meltron’s warranty, however, ensured that the luminary was repaired immediately.

Would you recommend Meltron’s Property Lighting to others?


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