The Meltron LED Recessed Downlight is in a class of its own, for highlighting details of an illuminated space. It also produces a considerable amount of light for very little energy consumption.

This stylish downlight is available in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours. It is perfect for all locations where lighting can be embedded in a ceiling, wall or floor. A special spring design ensures that it attaches easily and securely into the hole cut into the desired location.

The Meltron LED Recessed Downlight is available in both circular and square bezel shapes. They are ideal for general lighting, as well as individual target illumination. They illuminate art and interior details, while several luminaires together, create a beautiful, smooth overall atmosphere.

The downlight is virtually maintenance-free, as the light source will last for over 75,000 hours. If the Meltron LED Recessed Downlight is left on for an average of 8 hours per day, the LED light-source will not need to be changed for over 25 years.


Technical Specifications

Recessed Downlights
  • Light Source: All Meltron lighting systems utilize the highest quality LED components from the most reputable global manufacturers
  • Colour temperature (CCT): 3000K/4000K
    (3500K/ 5000K to order)
  • Colour Rendering Index (Ra): 80 (90 available on request)
  • Operating voltage: 110-230 V AC
  • Power supply: Must be ordered separately. Dali, 1-10 V available to order
  • Bezel alternatives: Round, square, or ball
  • Casing material: anodized aluminium profile
  • Sealing class: Ingress protection IP44
  • Quick and easy to install: Ceiling or wall, with strong, spring-held fixings
  • Energy efficiency: Very low power consumption for high output
  • Lifetime: Exceptionally long at over 75,000h
    Warranty: 5 years (extension negotiable)


TypeFrameDepth∅ OpeningPower (W)
UKL-401R∅ 75 mm45 mm65 mm10
UKL-401Sq75x75 mm45 mm65 mm10
UKL-501R∅ 90 mm55 mm80 mm15
UKL-501Sq100x100 mm55 mm80 mm15
UKL-601glass 111 mm55 mm80 mm10
Power & Light Output
Power (W)Colour Temp (CCT)Luminous Flux (lm)Halogen (W)Halogen (lm)
103000 K101420320
104000 K1204
153000 K126650900
154000 K1418